We unite, teach, impassion, and connect with youth so that they may be rooted in Christ Jesus and enjoy His goodness forever.

Ephesians 4:1-6, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 27:17
Youth thrive in friendships with each other. Healthy friendships can help youth spread their roots wider into Christ Jesus and prepare them for future relationships. We love spending time together and are always excited to welcome new youth to join us.

Romans 10:14-15, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 4:11-16, Deuteronomy 4:9. 11:18-29
We aim to teach the promises of God, the goodness of Jesus Christ, the value of the Bible, prayer, obedience, and faith. We desire youth to know how to study the Bible and think for themselves. We apply the church’s weekly reading plan to our youth’s lives and foster opportunities for them to learn alongside their families.

Deuteronomy 4:29, Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 7:7, Matthew 13:44-46
We seek to stir up motivation and enthusiasm for the youth to respond to God personally and whole-heartedly. We want them to respond to their knowledge of God with the worship of God. We worship through music led by our own youth worship band and through acts of service to our church and community.

Proverbs 13:20, Hebrews 13:7, 1 Corinthians 11:1, Philippians 4:9
Without connection, we will have minimal impact. Youth have the opportunity to join small, personalized discipleship groups with a mentor who really cares. We strive to connect parents with other parents as they connect daily to their youth.

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